Welcome to Nuzzle Clothing

Welcome to Nuzzle Clothing

Hello World and Welcome to Nuzzle Clothing!  We're so glad you stopped by and are excited to share our story.  At this point, you might expect us to launch into an impassioned explanation of why we launched the brand and all of the cool (or warm) features of our clothing. 

We'll get to that, but first, we'd like to talk a bit about our love for dogs.  Yep...that's right.  You're reading about our launch, which is one of the biggest days in our company history, and we're talking about fur, paws, and wagging tails.   Please hang in there with us though, because we think it will make sense. 

You see, just like Coeur Sports, everyone at Nuzzle has a deep love for our four legged friends.  To be clear, we love pets of all sizes and persuasions, but deep down, we're really "Dog People".

Fur on the Floor

The reason, we think that is relevant is because our time with dogs has influenced who we are as human beings and we have tried to imbue Nuzzle with the values we treasure in our pets.  Namely, loyalty, unconditional love, and the incredible ability to live in the moment! Oh...and to the extent that "warm, fuzzy and fun" can be construed as "values", we've incorporated those into the brand as well. 

On a related note, we believe that the word "Nuzzle" describes the feeling we hope you get when you wear our clothing.  To us, Nuzzle evokes a feeling of warmth, comfort, and fun.    

And that's what we were aiming for when we designed our debut collection.  We believe that you'll find all of the clothing to be comfortable beyond compare and we hope that every interaction with Nuzzle will feel fun and a bit of our slightly quirky personality will peek through.  

Beau with Shoe

Now, let's grab a cup of coffee and chat briefly about the items in our launch!  As you look through our collections and read the product descriptions, you'll see a couple of words showing up again and again.  Specifically, the words "Comfortable", "Soft", "Cozy" and perhaps, on occasion, "Fluffy".  You may also notice that, while all the clothing is stylish and fun, there's a sense of practicality in the DNA of the line. 

That's because we've incorporated the social science learnings of the past couple of years into the designs.  Like so many of you, we have spent more time than we could have ever imagined logged into video calls while we worked from our living rooms.  Initially, we had two choices during these calls.  Either dress up as if you were going into the office or try to wear something comfortable and just blur out your image onscreen. 

We knew there should be a middle path and over the last year and a half, we scoured the world for soft, comfortable, and practical fabrics. Next, we worked with our design team to create garments that are stylish and fun.  The end result is line of clothing that contains pieces that can be worn while you lounge around the house or when you head out to that long-awaited group dinner with your best friends.  Human or otherwise!    

We welcome you to browse our collections and to reach out with questions.  And, just like we do with Coeur, you can rest assured that you can shop risk free since we have free U.S. Shipping and No-cost (as in we pay for the postage) returns.

Thanks for stopping by and happy shopping!

Cozily yours....the team at Nuzzle