Should I buy Nuzzle if I'm not a

Should I buy Nuzzle if I'm not a "Dog Person"

We'll cut to the chase here. We're dog people.  Not over the top, always wearing a sweatshirt with our pooches face on it while driving a car with a vanity license plate that says "Dog Mom" on it.  But, make no bones about it.  We love our dogs.

Kebby and Gus

And the name implies was indirectly inspired by dogs. To be clear, our Founder Kebby wanted first and foremost to create a line of incredibly comfortable clothes that were perfect for casual evenings out or for staying in, but she can't escape her love for dogs. 

For good reason too, since the list of attributes associated with dogs is long indeed.  They are loyal.  They are loving.  They are fun. They are beautiful. And, breeds like the Wire Haired Terrier notwithstanding, they are soft.

So, you can probably understand why we decided to build a brand based on these attributes.  You may have also noticed that, from time to time, we mention our sister brand Coeur Sports.  Coeur, which is French for the word "Heart" and is Kebby's sportswear brand known for it's Community.

Similar to Coeur, our dream is to leverage Nuzzle to build a Community of "dog lovers".  There are always exceptions, but we've found that dog lovers, just like their pets, tend to be compassionate, friendly and loyal individuals. In other words, they are just plain "Good People".  Wouldn't it be cool if there was a way to subtly identify a sister dog lover when you're out and about?  

That's part of what we hope to accomplish.  We know it won't save the world, but it would certainly be nice to know with a reasonably high degree of certainty that you share a world view with the person standing next to you. If that person is wearing Nuzzle, then you might be able to do just that. 

In all seriousness, this is a dog person's brand. You don't have to own a dog, but our dream is that our customers are "Dog People".

So back to the question. If you're not a Dog Person...can you buy Nuzzle? Yeah...of course you "can" buy Nuzzle, but if you're not drawn to traits like loyalty, compassion, and friendliness...then we're sure there are other brands that call to you.

On the other hand, if those are your qualities, then Welcome to the Nuzzle Family!